Congratulations On Your New Home Haikus

Congratulations On Your New Home - Haiku Card Ideas

Congratulate those friends or family of yours who have recently bought a new home with a haiku! New home cards are cliche and boring, gifts are forgettable, but putting the thoughts into a simple new home haiku is the way to go. Below are a few new home haikus you can use and put on your cards. Make sure to hand write that card too, in your best calligraphy or cursive!

A good life ahead
Depends on a happy place
At which to lay your head

Houses are not homes,
until they have memories
in every room.

First it was land,
Then a design. Next a house.
It's where we live.

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Haiku Syllable Counter Tool

Haiku Syllable Counter - A Tool To Count The Syllables in Haikus

This below haiku syllable counter is developed to count the syllables in every line of your Haiku, with the intention of helping you input your three lines to make sure they are 5-7-5 syllables, according to the traditional haiku format. But this haiku syllable counter will count as many lines and syllables as you put in, so it is flexible. We think it is the best haiku syllable counter...if you like this, would you mind sharing it with your friends?


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Count Results

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