Autumn Haikus

Autumn Haiku 

The green leaves are gone
Missing all the memories
Autumn please don't come.

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To Toba palace
5 or 6 horsemen hurry
autumn tempest.

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Leaving the doctor,
The whole world looks different
this autumn morning.

- Richard Wright
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colorful leaves
swirling like ballarinas
through the town's streets.
Colorful leaves
swirling like ballarinas
through the town's streets.

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Dripping, blowing, shredding,
stand alone I must
facing the looming cold months.

Colors, colors everywhere
pumpkins, lanterns, candles, masks,
caution, do not get lost

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early evening
falling dry leaves
making their mark on earth.
Early evening
falling dry leaves
making their mark on earth.

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He turkey on the table
gravy spills over
my mashed potatoes.

- Chelsi Huson

Fog over the lake...
the feel of warmness filling
the sky.

- Ashley Moore

Sun rise
lake water ripples
behind the ducks.

- Lindsey Askins

People talking
popcorn cooking
over an open fire.

- Michelle Lange

Colorful leaves
cover the ground...
slackers with leaf blowers.

- Danny Power

A big turkey
in the center of the table...
stuffing falling out.

- Jordan Wilhot

The crackling of the fire..
the burn of ashes
falling on my jeans.

- Paul Heffernan


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